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This course is suitable for Owners wishing to learn the basics of pet obedience and is open to both puppies and older dogs.

TBC.  Towards the end of February,  2020

Monday Evenings

7.00pm - 8.30pm -  6 weeks duration at a cost of £75.00

This class covers all aspects of basic dog obedience.  Our classes are designed to be fun for both the owner and the dog. You will be taught how to teach your dog to sit, walk to heel, down, stay, come to your call, and finally the stand.   We train using positive reinforcement with rewards and do not employ any harsh methods of training. At the end of each session we introduce you to the basics of dog agility with a few exercises for you and your dog to try. Numbers are restricted so early booking is necessary.

We request that your dog wears a collar rather than a harness and we suggest a leather or fabric lead rather than a chain or flexi lead. Please wear sensible footwear.

If you would like to enrol on either course or require further information, please call Ray on 0161 427 0846, or email to